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At the Primary Campus

The Participation Council

By law, every school in the Netherlands has a medezeggenschapsraad (MR). This is a participation council, where elected representatives of teachers parents are consulted by the administration over matters concerning the management of the school.

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Parent Teacher Organization

The IST Parent Teacher Organisation is a nonprofit parent teacher organisation whose mission is to institute and sustain a close relationship between the parents, teachers, and pupils by evolving opportunities within the home, school, and community. The PTO provides assistance to teachers within the classroom settings, helps with festivities and activities in our school.

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At Secondary

Parent Support Group

The parent support group is an association of parents and IST staff. The main objective of the IST-PSG will be to support the school’s ongoing efforts to grow and improve the quality of education and the extracurricular programme. While the school focuses on these goals, they would like the help of the parents with some of the tasks at hand, as well as help to create a stronger sense of community.

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Parents Council

The main objectives of the Parent Council (PC) are to serve as a sounding board for the IST Management Team, to use our networks to help move matters forward, and to address any questions or concerns that are brought to our attention through the IST-PSG.

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