Student council representing secondary school

The IST student council consists of 8 elected students. Each of the year groups is represented by a student from that year group. It is governed by a chair and secretary both elected from the DP cohort. The students are supervised by a teacher who mentors and supports them with these representative and leadership roles.

The student council is a voice and platform for ideas of IST students. The leadership of IST invites the student council on a regular basis to listen to their ideas and input. As a result we aim to integrate students in our mission to further develop our education and consequently accommodate the students’ needs even more.  It promotes an environment conducive to educational and personal growth as it gives students a voice to express their opinions and point out areas of improvement on organization, education and school life. Participating in the student council also means that students learn to meet, collaborate and organize at a higher level, which serves as an excellent opportunity to gather leadership skills.