Expat Guide to help you settle in

Welcome to the Netherlands

Moving to another country can be an overwhelming experience and proper organization is necessary to make it a smooth process. Below is a basic checklist to help you, once you’ve arrived in the Netherlands. More detailed information about all the items below can be found on the website of the Expat Center East Netherlands and in this Welcome Guide.

Once you’ve arrived

  • Register with the local municipality where you are going to live and apply for a BSN (social security number)*
  • Collect or apply for a residence permit and/or work permit*
  • Find long-term accommodation*
  • Get connected, arrange telecom, internet and utilities
  • Open a bank account
  • Apply for Dutch health insurance*


Settling in

  • Apply for a DigiD to access governmental sites
  • Register with a local dentist and family doctor (general practitioner)
  • Investigate schooling/childcare possibilities in the region
  • Obtain a driver’s licence or exchange your current licence
  • Buy a bicycle
  • Investigate possibilities for applying for 30% tax ruling
  • Join the international community by signing up for the Expat Center East, Netherlands newsletter and social media
  • Learn the local language

*Items marked with an asterisk are mandatory