What is the role of Parent Support Group at IST secondary campus?

The parent support group is an association of parents and IST staff. The main objective of the IST-PSG will be to support the school’s ongoing efforts to grow and improve the quality of education and the extracurricular programme. While the school focuses on these goals, they would like the help of the parents with some of the tasks at hand, as well as help to create a stronger sense of community.

The role of the IST-PSG parent representative is two-fold. On one hand, they will coordinate the specific talents and availability within their parent group to provide the support that is needed. This means that their responsibility is mainly of a coordinating nature (even though they may decide to help out themselves with some of the tasks they like or are good at). On the other hand, they represent the parents in their group and help channel general ideas, initiatives, and concerns that are not single student-specific. It is our aim to eventually have at least one parent representative per grade.

To most of our families The Netherlands and this region are new, which means that they will have to find their way around. The PSG helps bridging the cultural, language and knowledge gaps that expat families face when arriving in a new place. Thanks to the involvement of our PSG parents it is possible to organise our school and community events in a better way. Community building and extracurricular activities enable our students to have fun and explore other cultures.