What is the curriculum at the IST Primary campus?

Our Primary school is part of the Prinseschool in Enschede, a member of the Consent group of Dutch schools in the Twente region, offering education to students aged 4-11. Alongside the international program, At IST Primary, we work with the International Primary Curriculum (IPC), offering an exciting thematic approach that integrates essential parts of the curriculum into a meaningful context for teaching. In July 2016, the school received its IPC accreditation, making it the third fully-accredited IPC school in The Netherlands.

At IST Primary the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) is taught in combination with numeracy and literacy from the British National Curriculum. Subjects within IPC include History, Geography, Science, Art, Design, Information Technology (IT), Physical Education (PE), Music and Society.

During the year, students learn a range of complementary subjects that are linked to a unit of study with a particular theme. Over an extended period of time, usually around 5-7 weeks, a single unit of study will allow the teacher to cover a number of learning goals, drawn from the IPC.

The learning goals of the curriculum are split into four age groups covering the primary years. Within each age group, there are three strands of learning goals:

  • Subject Goals
  • Personal Goals
  • International Goals

Subjects include Language, Mathematics, History, Geography, Science, Art, Dutch Language, Design, Information Technology (IT), Physical Education (PE), Music and Society, with Music, Dutch, and PE being taught by specialist teachers. Through the units of work, links are made to the host country and home countries of the students.