The language support programs at IST are called Dutch Additional Language (DAL) and English Additional Language (EAL).

The aim of our language support programs DAL and EAL is to accelerate the language development of students. We strive to quickly develop their language skills at a high enough level so they follow classes in Language B and for topical subjects. These classes are meant for students who have a beginner level of English and/or Dutch.

EAL and DAL are focussing on the following topics;

  • Communication, during the lesson there is an emphasis on speaking and listening. The students will learn how to speak proper sentences and listen to process information. For example asking and giving directions to the train station, but also to understand assignment instructions.
  • Reading, the students will learn to read and understand short and simple literary and topical texts.

In general, the goal of DAL and EAL is for students to reach as quickly as possible a sufficient level of Dutch and English. These two languages are fundamental for being successful at IST and settling in the Netherlands.