Mission and vision from IST


Our Mission is to provide excellent international primary and secondary education to students from diverse backgrounds.


IST’s Vision is constructed around the pillars Global Citizens, Inquisitive Learners and Community School:

  • We offer our students essential stepping stones to learn to become a successful and happy global citizen.
  • We aim to develop inquisitive minds that have a love for learning and therefore excel in personal and academic growth.
  • We cultivate a school community to provide our students with an inclusive and caring environment within which they can build strong friendships that will last throughout their international lifetime.

Welcome to Twente

The namesake of IST is the beautiful region of Twente. Located in the east of the Netherlands, away from the frantic bustle found in the west, Twente sports incredible outdoors, a fascinating wealth of culture, and unique history, while also being a centre for technology driven progress. Come and see what Twente has to offer!