Preparing Internationally Minded children

International Mindedness is supported and encouraged through the IB learner Profile attributes- dispositions and attitudes that, along with the study of languages and other cultures, help students become global citizens who work to actively make the world a better place By underlying all the learning experiences at school with the learner profile, learners (not just children) develop and grow to be able to act and react positively in a wide variety of circumstances. They learn to work together to solve important issues, drawing upon the uniqueness of their cultural backgrounds and ways of life. 

  • Thinker- I use my head
  • Inquirer- I ask questions
  • Knowledgeable- I know it
  • Open-Minded- I listen to others
  • Principled- I do what is right
  • Caring- I am kind
  • Balanced- I take care of myself
  • Communicator- I share my ideas
  • Reflective- I think of how to be better
  • Risk-taker- I try new things