Primary Education Policies

IST welcomes children from the ages 4 to 11 at our campus for primary education. Because each new family at IST has expereinced school in different contexts, and in order to offer education at a high standard in line with the International Baccalaureate, the Primary school publishes a number of policies to clarify its approaches to education.

-The School Guide serves as an introduction to the curriculum, procedures, and profile of the Primary school.
View the School Guide here

-The Assessment Policy outlines IST’s stance on assessment of, as, and for students’ learning, including how the school reports on student progress.
View the Assessment Policy here

-The Language Policy outlines IST’s stance as a school for the learning of languages (including english), rather than a school which operates in a language, as well as its support of mother tongues.
View the Language Policy here

-The Inclusion Policy outlines IST’s stance on inclusive education, including its Special Educational Needs process, and obligations under Dutch law.
View the Inclusion Policy here

-The Admissions Policy outlines the conditions for entry to IST for primary students, as well as the admission procedure.
View the Admission Policy here

-The Child Safeguarding Protocol outlines the procedure set by its managing board of Stichting Consent, for reporting and monitoring suspected domestic violence or child abuse.
View the Child Safeguarding Protocol here

-The academic Honesty Policy outlines IST’s stance on ethical use of media during research and learning.
-View the Academic Honesty policy here