Primary Education Admissions Policy

ISTwente welcomes children from the ages 4 to 11 at our location for primary education: the Prinseschool in Enschede. Our policy is to place students in the year appropriate for their age, with other students of the same age. This is the best place for students’ social, behavioural, and emotional development, and it enables children to thrive and best learn from the rich curriculum.

Exceptions to the age guidelines are made infrequently and only upon careful evaluation of the applicant by the programme coordinator. The birth dates for each year level are 1 January- 31 December. Once accepted, children can start school the Monday after they have reached their fourth birthday.

While the school has an inclusive policy on admission, it is at the same time a mainstream school, offering limited facilities to students with learning support needs. Admission to the International School Twente is dependent upon the school programme being appropriate to the applicant’s needs, and where the student is able to benefit from the curriculum.

Admission into primary does not automatically lead to admission into the Secondary IGCSE Programme. This will be determined in the final year of the International Primary Curriculum (year 6).