Admission process for Secondary


  • After first contact made via phone call, email or through the submission of our contact form, IST will send a reply providing general information about our school and curriculum, and outlining the following steps to take if interested in moving forward.
  • An application form is then submitted.
  • The admissions team will acknowledge the receipt of the application, and make arrangements to request supporting documentation.
  • Once all supporting documents have been received, the admission team meets to review them and decide appropriate student class allocation, which is based on age, educational background and personal development.
  • The family is then invited for a school tour or a video call with the admissions officer: this is an opportunity to ask detailed questions and receive more in depth information.
  • Finally, the Principal, DP or Cambridge coordinator meets the applicant in person or through a video call, to talk about the student’s ambitions and goals and how IST can best support them.