Preparing to Explore the World

21st century skills. Inquiry-based learning. Problem-solving skills… How to become a true global citizen?

We encourage our students to explore the world in their own way. The school building and outside spaces of International School Twente (ISTwente) invite appreciation, exploration and discovery.

Our youngest students often play and learn in the outside spaces, specially set up for ‘play-based learning’. In addition, we have set up our class rooms, group and central areas (such as the study centre) in such a way that our students are able to work individually as well as in groups. It works! We see that the groups continue to change in size and make-up. Through contact with other cultures, our students can discover the world within the safe school environment.

We help our students to draw their own conclusions, by working with ‘inquiry-based learning’, as a basis of our curriculum. Our students learn to ask ‘why’, instead of ‘how’. Through these questions, problems and scenarios, our students develop their own knowledge in a way that reaches further than a collection of ready-made facts. Our approach matches the 21st century skills; acquiring problem-solving skills, cooperation, critical thinking, creativity and ICT skills.