Cultural awereness programs to foster open-mindedness

As an international school community with over 30 nationalities, we educate our students to become open-minded global citizens. Raising cultural awareness is therefore one of the key elements of our education. To make this tangible for our community, we organise fun and educational activities throughout the year.

Our Dutch culture program consists of celebrating and learning about all major Dutch celebrations. But we also look at the world via the other languages we teach: English, German and Spanish. For example the celebration of “Dias de los muertos” and Thanksgiving. Our traditional New Year’s event is als an example of how we aim to broaden the cultural horizons of our students. During this event we incorporate the new year traditions of all of the community members by bringing food and games. In our daily school practice, culture and different ways of looking at the world are common topics in the classroom, where respect for each other and reflection on your own culture are used to foster open-mindedness.