The learner profile is a key element of our programme

The learner profile is a key element of our programme. We encourage our students to practice the different attributes in order to become happy and successful global citizens that contribute to the world around them. The learner profile is a part of the International Baccalaureate and plays a main part in all subject areas. Teachers integrate these attributes in learning activities and use them to reflect on the students behavior

Ultimately, by working on the different elements of the learner profile, our students learn to strengthen and expand their character. This process is different for every learner and we believe that this profile is not a goal in itself, rather a mirror and guide to grow oneself since in order to achieve more, it is important to know what one’s strengths and weaknesses are. We teach our students to build on these strengths and become experts in areas that enthuse and motivate them. Our extracurricular activities also serve as opportunities to explore the learner profile. Be it during an assembly or whilst doing community service, students are taught to reflect on their goals and the outcome using this framework.