Admission policy and criteria

The International School Twente is a diverse school community, which draws strength and vitality from its international and multicultural background. We understand that, as children of global families, our applicants may have to relocate at any time of the year. We therefore provide open enrollment all year round, subject to capability. Every student is special to us and deserves personal attention: phone and video calls, individual school tours, etc to ensure that all applicants are carefully and thoroughly guided through each step of the enrollment process.


The International School Twente offers both primary and secondary education in an English speaking environment.
Admission IST is subject to conditions set in Dutch legislation.
The school welcomes applications from students from all over the world, who can demonstrate a need for international education.
Students qualify for placement at International School Twente if:

  • The student has a non-Dutch nationality or is a foreign passport holder and one of the parents or legal guardians is temporarily employed in the Netherlands or a Dutch border region.
  • The student has a Dutch nationality and has lived and gone to school abroad for at least two years because one of the parents or legal guardians was stationed abroad.
  • The student has a Dutch nationality and has a parent or legal guardian (with whom the student will be living) who will be stationed abroad within two years and for at least two years. This is to be proven by a written statement of intent from either the parent or employer.
  • Dutch nationals applying to the IB Diploma Programme, provided he or she has a havo-diploma or a certificate of promotion to year 5 in a vwo-school, and he or she can provide proof of fluency in English, at the discretion of International School Twente.