Frequently Asked Questions when applying to IST

If you have a question, there is a good chance someone else has it too. Find your answer in our Frequently Asked Questions below.

My child has difficulty with various subjects. How can IST support them?

At IST, teachers differentiate their instruction for students’ learning needs, adjusting the programme where necessary to ensure students are able to achieve a learning outcome. In the case of students with exceptional needs, we have a teacher in place as part of our SEN procedure. At IST secondary, students can call on their teachers or mentors with specific questions, or make use of the extra tutoring services of the Bijlesnetwerk:

My child does not speak English, is this an issue?

Not at all! Over 90% of the students at IST speak a language other than English at home, and those students that do speak English now learned it while at IST. Our teachers are adept at differentiating instruction for newcomers to English. Visit the curriculum pages of Primary and Secondary for more information about their English as an additional language programme.

Physical Education

At IST primary, gym class is given twice a week. Once with a professional gym teacher at our off site gym, and once with the classroom teacher in our on-site gym. At IST secondary Physical Education is with our PE teacher Ms. Marjolein van der Pol.

Is there any cancellation fee at IST?

At IST we do not charge cancellation fees. For inflow and outflow of students during the course of the year, the school charges school fees based on the following table:

Part of school fee payable when:
Month starting in month % departing in month %
August 100 50
September 100 50
October 90 50
November 80 50
December 70 50
January 60 60
February 50 70
March 40 80
April 30 90
May 20 100
June 10 100

Is lunch provided at IST?

Students bring their own lunch to school and healthy eating is promoted. At IST secondary there is also a cafeteria within our Dutch parent school Het Stedelijk Lyceum – College Zuid where students can buy lunch or a snack.

When applying for or visiting IST primary/secondary, what are the requirements?

Before admitting new students, the principal(s) would like to have access to report cards of the previous two years (where applicable). At secondary the level of English is also of importance and may be tested where required. In addition, it is necessary to establish the level of the student and to learn more about the curriculum and subjects the student is following.

During admission intake, the school requires the following documents:

  • passport copy of the student;
  • photograph of the student;
  • educational records (if applicable) such as report cards, a letter from school, certificates etc.;
  • medical records (if applicable).

Can minors traveling alone apply for education at IST?

Minors who wish to study at IST, must be accompanied by a responsible adult when moving to the Netherlands. Students traveling on their own must apply for a study visa with the Dutch government. Dutch law sometimes requires a Dutch citizen or organisation to ‘sponsor’ an applicant.

What is the history of IST?

The International School Twente (IST) opened in 2008, initially as the international department of the Dutch primary Prinseschool which is part of Stichting Consent. In 2016, IST Primary was accorded its own building at Johannes ter Horststraat in Enschede.

In 2011, the Dutch secondary school Het Stedelijk Lyceum (HSL) opened a department at College Zuid for international secondary education. IST primary and secondary joined hands in 2016 and offers international education to pupils aged 4 to 18 years of age.