Secondary education Admissions policy

Students from the ages 11 to 18 will be enrolled at our Secondary school. It is our policy to place students according to their age, however, if the student’s ability requires so, they can study and learn at their own level.
Students entering year 10 are required to choose their IGCSE subjects. English, Dutch, Mathematics and one of the Arts (Music or Visual Arts) are compulsory. We advise students who plan on entering the IB Diploma Programme (see below), after completing the IGCSE, to choose subjects in both group 3 (Humanities) and 4 (Sciences) as well.

Admission in year 11

Entry in year 11 depends on the ability of the student. Since English is our academic language, we require students to be fluent in English (both in reading, writing and speaking). This is necessary to complete the IGCSE programme in a meaningful way. If ISTwente is not confident that a new student’s level of English is appropriate, the school will assess this through a test.
For the other subjects, we use similar reasoning. Students who want to take IGCSE’s for certain subjects, have to have studied these subjects at an appropriate level before entering year 11.

The IB Diploma Programme

We are thrilled to be an authorised International Baccalaureate (IB) World School. From of September 2017, IST offers one of the four high quality and challenging educational programmes: the IB Diploma Programme (DP). Students from year 12 and up are able to participate in this programme.