Our values

The foundation of the IST curriculum is in its five values: Curiosity, Devotion, Honesty, Growth and Fun. Each action taken at IST has its roots in these values, which are further realized into the Personal Goals at the Primary campus, and the Learner Profile at the Secondary Campus.


We are resilient in the face of challenges. By staying true to ourselves and our community, we learn to tackle greater challenges and improve ourselves.


We commit ourselves to constant improvement, growing not only in knowledge and skills but also in character and commitment. Excellence is a habit of mind that must be practiced.


We give voice to our questions and follow our desire to find out answers. By sharing our curiosity, we build relationships and learn to work together, and make ourselves better as a result.


We live in consistency with our values. By dealing honestly and fairly, we build lasting bonds of collaboration which strengthen us.


We find the value and humour in life. Enjoyment keeps us moving, and reminds us of the need for balance in different aspects of life.

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School Hours

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 8:30-15:00
Wednesday, Friday 8:30-12:30
Period Start End
1 8:10 9:00
2 9:00 9:45
3 9:45 10:30
Morning 10:30 10:45
4 10:45 11:30
5 11:30 12:15
Lunch 12:15 12:45
6 12:45 13:30
7 13:30 14:15
Afternoon 14:15 14:30
8 14:30 15:15
9 15:15 16:00

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Students from DP1 and DP2 took part in the Biology Olympiad. They all did very well and we are proud of the results. Two students did extremely well. Maia Roos scored second place out of 8504 students from 225 schools in the Netherlands that participated. This means she will continue in the second round. Congratulations to Maia! Kate Blanford also did very well. She was in the top 10% of her year group and was awarded a certificate. Congratulations to Kate! #biology #internationaleducation #IBDP #olympiads ... See MoreSee Less
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This week, we celebrated Christmas at IST. We feel blessed that we are able to celebrate this with so many students from all over the world and we are grateful for the trust and the ongoing support of the community. We look forward to seeing everyone again in the new year. Happy holidays, fijne feestdagen, to everyone! #Christmas #internationaleducation #primaryschool #secondaryschool #potluck #assembly #decoration #christmascards ... See MoreSee Less
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Our pillars

Global Citizens

Internationally accepted and valued education combined with personal development

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Inquisitive Learners

Fueled by curiosity and fun, guided exploration to acquire a required skill-set

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Community School

Connecting people in order to add value to personal growth as well to the social community and environment

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