Launching water rockets!

DP students successfully completed their Group 4 project.


The day started early, on 14 February. Students came in presenting ambitious ideas for various water rocket prototypes which they designed earlier. The assignment was to make a water rocket that reaches the greatest horizontal displacement before it hits the ground. One group believed that Sprite bottles had the ideal shape, from an aerodynamic perspective, so they started their morning fresh by drinking 4 Litres of Sprite. Great teamwork! Afterwards the building of the rockets started. Everyone was working at their own pace; after all, the launch of the first prototype was only due at 12:30. The calmness lasted until around 30 minutes before the launch, when everyone started to panic, realising they still had a lot to do. At the launch the rocket that travelled the furthest had a horizontal displacement of 15 meters. After this there was time to further improve the rockets. All the teams knew their weak points and they worked their socks off to make sure their rocket was the absolute best. The entire school came to witness the final launch, where there were 3 rockets competing. Congratulations to The Winning Team (this was their real team-name) for winning the water rocket competition with an amazing 27 meter horizontal displacement. What a way to spend your Valentine’s day!


Reported by Anna Kovacs, DP1 student