Mock Exams at IST

For the last two school weeks Year 11 and DP2 students were busy doing mock exams.

During these two weeks casual chattering was replaced by last-minute revision. For the year 11 students this was the first time to do IGCSE exams under full exam conditions. As DP2 students, we already had previous experience with exams, nevertheless, we were nervous. “5 minutes until the start of the exam,” called the exams officer. We lined up in alphabetical order by last name and proceeded entering the room. Finally, the invigilator told us that we are allowed to open the exam. Suddenly I could hear everyone’s pens gliding over the paper. People in the background fidgeting. Depending on the exam, we sat there for 1, 2, or even 3 hours. At last, we came out, relieved.


Reported by Anna Kovacs, DP2 Student