Noel O’Domhnail

Noel was born in the Irish language speaking area in the West Of Ireland known as Connemara. He studied at Limerick University and moved to the Nederlands in 1997.  Noel has worked as a teacher in Ireland and as a teacher in Het Stedelijk Lyceum since the year 2000, most of that in the Bilingual Department (TTO) in College Zuid. He was the Maths teacher in the IST when it opened in 2011.

Sports has always played a large role in his life, rugby, Irish football and now in his later years he can be found on the golf course trying to hit a small white ball. He takes this sporting attitude into the classroom as he likes his students to enter as many competitions as possible. He has had considerable success in the past with students from both TTO and IST aspiring to the highest of levels.